Atlanta officials consider banning turning right on red

Proposed ban on turning right on red

The Atlanta City Council is considering a new plan to make it illegal to turn right on red in some busy Atlanta neighborhoods.

ATLANTA – Atlanta city leaders are considering a new ordinance that would make turning right on red illegal in some of the city’s busy neighborhoods.

Several members of the Atlanta City Council introduced the plan at a meeting earlier this week.

The ordinance would make turning right while the traffic light is red illegal in Downtown, Midtown, and Castleberry Hill.

According to the ordinance, which 11 council members signed on to, those three neighborhoods are home to several cultural attractions, businesses, and homes, and bring in many pedestrians.

 (Photo by: Godong/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Officials believe the change would make the neighborhoods more pedestrian-friendly and foster “a sense of community, encourage social interaction, and support local businesses, therefore contributing to the overall quality of life.”

Council member Jason Dozier wrote on X that the proposal prioritizes the well-being of pedestrians.

“Our city thrives when everyone can move about confidently and securely,” Dozier wrote. “The proposed ban is a strategic measure to address intersection safety concerns and contribute to a more sustainable, pedestrian-friendly Atlanta.”

According to data from Propel ATL, an organization centered around transit and pedestrian safety, 38 pedestrians lost their lives in crashes in 2022, an increase of 23% when compared to 2021’s numbers. The group says just 10% of Atlanta streets account for half of its deadly pedestrian crashes and 60% of its total pedestrian and bicycle crashes. 

The legislation will now move onto the Atlanta City Council’s Transportation Committee, which will meet next Wednesday.


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