Senior Research Associate (Biotechnology)

Canaccord Genuity

Job title: Senior Research Associate (Biotechnology)

Company: Canaccord Genuity

Job description: Senior Research Associate (Biotechnology) (Canaccord Genuity LLC, New York, NY)

Provide research support to the Senior Analyst for the Biotechnology sector, including studying economic, financial, and statistical data related to specific companies and industries, which may include medical or pharmaceutical products, specific therapies, and others, as well as emerging companies and/or products, as opportunities arise. Devise research methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing large volumes of company, industry, and market data, distill the information for use by other team members, and provide conclusions on trends and forecasts. Compile data and remain abreast of economic changes by tracking company products, strategies, catalysts, competitors, relevant industry events and trends, as well as other market and economic data, such as market trends, economic factors, local occurrences, historic and current price trends of stocks and bonds, and studies of publicly available financial documents and reports within the United States and Canada. Conduct research related to the Biotechnology sector to support and address specific questions from institutional clients. Study financial and economic impacts of new or proposed legislation, trade agreements, taxes, and other relevant developments that may directly or indirectly impact Biotechnology. Play an active role in developing forecasts for anticipated equities prices, based on mathematical models built with varied financial and statistical data, including industry production levels, global demand, industry trends, data derived from other internal models, other similar/relevant data relative to the Biotechnology industry, and other critical information impacting supply, demand, distribution and pricing. Ensure data used is accurate and modify or update mathematical models, as required. Make assessments and create corresponding reports related to forecasts on revenues and earnings, or relevant growth indicators specific to the Biotechnology industry. Track the described data to interpret markets, spot trends and develop projections for use in modifying existing internal strategies. Compile and process research data by designing charts, constructing and/or managing rigorous mathematical models in the preparation of forecasts, and complete reports-based research, as appropriate. Assist with coordinating quarterly reporting initiatives. Analyze and evaluate mechanisms of action and effects from a molecular level. Analyzes preclinical in vivo and in vitro data as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of drugs of interest. Deep dive analyses of clinical data as it relates to currently approved drugs as well as other drugs in development. This includes, but is not limited to trial design parameters such as powering, statistical analysis, placebo controlled vs active comparator designs. Review and understand intellectual property, both composition of matter and method of use and legal extension options depending on therapeutic category. Understanding implications of differing FDA designations for our coverage universe as well as competitive landscape (i.e. QIDP, Orphan Drug Designation, 505(b)(2), Accelerated Approval…). Develops questions for key opinion leaders (KOL) that leads to written research product as well as Q&A discussion with KOLs and an institutional investor audience. Telecommuting may be permitted. When not telecommuting, must report to 535 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. Salary: $125,000 – $140,000 per year.

Minimum Requirements: PharmD, M.D., or PhD degree or U.S. equivalent in Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biological Sciences, or a related field plus 1 year of professional experience performing quantitative and qualitative research within the biotechnology sector (including pharmaceutical, medical therapies, and emerging products) to provide financial analysis (including developing forecasts and trends). Must also have experience in the following: 1 year of professional experience performing equity research, investment banking, or financial research; 1 year of professional experience building and maintaining financial and statistical models; 1 year of professional experience collecting, distilling, and distributing large volumes of company and industry data for use by other team members; and 1 year of professional experience analyzing and understanding the biotechnology sector for financial application (including key news or earnings calls).

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Expected salary: $125000 – 140000 per year

Location: New York City, NY

Job date: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 01:04:43 GMT

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