City adds vehicle chargers to areas about Dunwoody | Dunwoody News

DUNWOODY, Ga. — It’s easier than ever for electric vehicle drivers to find chargers in Dunwoody, after the city replaced three electric vehicle charging stations and added 10 more to meet growing demand.

The city announced activation of the final three charging stations Nov. 16.

Station installations began last year, and each station has two chargers.

“The demand for charging stations is growing, so we strategically picked locations where people work and play,” City Manager Eric Linton said. “Expanding the availability and use of electric vehicle chargers is a sustainability goal of the city.”

Three charging stations were installed at Dunwoody City Hall and the Dunwoody Cultural Arts Center.

The three stations at Brook Run Park are located by the playground, skate park and Arboretum Pavilion.

Additionally, two stations were installed at the Dunwoody Nature Center and Pernoshal Park.

The city partnered with Georgia Power and EnviroSpark Energy Solutions to make the Level 2 chargers available to drivers of electric vehicles.

The Georgia Power Make Ready Program covered the cost of installing the electrical infrastructure.

EnviroSpark charges $2 per hour on average to users. An hour of charging typically gives about 25-30 miles in range.

Andrew Bailey, chief marketing officer for EnviroSpark, said a goal of the company is to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible.

“We are excited about this partnership and appreciate the opportunity to bring this amenity to the green spaces of the community where we are headquartered,” Bailey said.


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