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Commissioner Michelle Long Spears appropriates funds to expand the library’s collection of digital materials


DECATUR, GA– DeKalb County Public Library announced today that it is expanding the number of e-books and downloadable and streaming audiobooks available to residents. The expansion was enabled by the allocation of $25,000 from District 2’s discretionary fund by Commissioner Michelle Long Spears. The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved the funding at its Dec. 12, 2023, meeting.

“We thank Commissioner Spears for leading the charge to fund the growth of our digital offerings. Now residents will have more choices for entertainment and information than ever before,” said Alison Weissinger, DeKalb County Public Library director. “In 2023, use of our digital collection was up over 25 percent compared to last year. DeKalb commuters, in particular, love listening to audiobooks while they’re on the go.”

“Democracies thrive when citizens have access to information and can make informed decisions. This funding will help the library put more materials in the hands and mobile devices of more people,” Commissioner Spears commented. “I am proud to champion and allocate resources to ensure that our community continues to benefit from these treasured institutions. The increase in demand for digital materials means residents are reading more. Public libraries play an indispensable role by providing accessible resources to all who seek and have a thirst for knowledge. I hope everyone takes advantage of all resources the library offers.”

DCPL’s e-books and audiobooks are available free of charge to library patrons. With the annual cost for an Audible subscription ranging from $90 to $170 per year1, complimentary access to audiobooks through the library’s apps represents a tremendous value for cardholders. Audiobooks and e-books cover nearly every taste and preference—mysteries, thrillers, romance, business, history, young adult, children’s books, graphic novels and more.

Find more information, apply for a library card or browse the library’s collection of materials at

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