Immigrant removals through Atlanta experience rise in 2023 – WABE

A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement dashboard now makes all immigration arrests, deportations and use of monitoring devices public information. Previously, much of this data had to be requested or found in annual reports.

Atlanta’s ICE field office processes immigration cases for Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

In 2023, the Atlanta office deported more than six thousand people in that three-state region. Deportations processed through Atlanta nearly doubled between 2022 and 2023, with a majority of these people sent to Central and South American countries.

More than seven thousand people were arrested last year by immigration officials in the region – about half of those arrests were for immigration violations and the other half for criminal convictions.

Atlanta officials monitored more than five thousand immigrants in alternatives to detention programs where people wear GPS monitoring devices instead of being held in detention centers. Nationwide, Atlanta utilized the program less than many field offices.


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