Missing Monroe County tractor-trailer found up in Atlanta

FORSYTH, Ga. — A missing EPES Transport System tractor-trailer in Monroe County was found in Atlanta around noon on Tuesday. It was first reported missing Sunday morning. 

Jondan Dickerson has been a truck driver for five years. He said he got into it because he was having a baby and wanted to make more money to support his family.

Dickerson was waiting for a tow truck at the BP gas station on Rumble Road when 13WMAZ decided to speak with him. He said he didn’t understand why someone would steal it.

“Most of these trucks, they track everything. We have cameras, tracking devices, I got a tracking device that I put around my neck so it’ll be weird if they took it because I feel like they can find it so quick,” Dickerson said. 

Monroe County Cpt. Eric Davis told 13WMAZ that another semi-truck was parked next to the truck, and a passenger got out of the truck and took the EPES truck. Davis says the keys were not in the truck when it was stolen and the driver left it at the BP because he can’t park it at home. 

“Yes, the door was locked. No, they had left the vehicle there overnight. When they came back the next day it was gone,” Davis said. 

Davis says there was cabinet and shelving material inside the truck and the thieves took part of it. He says it’s not uncommon for drivers to leave their trucks. 

“Someone may live in a subdivision where they can’t drive their truck to their house, so they’ll find somewhere to leave it overnight and drive back and forth,” Davis said. 

Dickerson says he’s experienced someone taking things from his truck before. He suggests to drivers to watch their surroundings wherever they are driving. 

“People don’t want to hurt you, they just want what’s on your truck. If you can, give them whatever they want and get up out of there,” Dickerson said.

Davis says when they found the truck on I-285 in Atlanta, the window was broken. At this time, no suspect has been arrested.

Davis says anyone with information on the case can call Monroe County Sheriff’s office at 478-994-7043.


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