No more leftovers at some Atlanta area restaurants. How it’s helping owners and their customers – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — A growing number of small metro Atlanta restaurants are no longer throwing food away at the end of the day.

Instead, they’re part of a program that’s helping both businesses and residents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the meal.

Clifford Simpson, who owns Soul Good in Vine City, believes if you want to do something very well, you learn from the very best.

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“I’m a baby’s boy. My mom made sure her boy didn’t starve. She taught me how to cook at an early age,” Simpson said.

“What’s in that pan?” Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen asked.

“This is steak and eggs,” Simpson said.

He told Channel 2 Action News that his place draws a crowd, but it can be a tough way to make a living.

“If you know anything about the restaurant business, there really is waste,” Simpson said.

He said it hurts to throw anything away, and it’s just means lost money.


That’s why Soul Good and dozens of other smaller restaurants across metro Atlanta have joined a service called Too Good To Go. It’s an app that connects customers with what restaurants have left over at the end of the day. The meals are packaged up and sold at steep discounts.

Simpson says many folks who are struggling to make ends meet and would otherwise not be able to afford to eat out, can get a great meal at a fraction of the cost.

He said that fraction is something any small restaurant can use in tough times like these.

“It does cut down on some of the waste, which is good. And it pays some of the bills. It pays ‘a’ bill,” Simpson said.

Simpson said he never knows what will be left over, but at least it will be enjoyed.

“It’s a surprise. They get surprised. They might get lamb chops, might be grits and eggs. That’s the whole purpose of it being ‘Too Good to Go.’ You never know what you’re getting,” Simpson told Channel 2 Action News

Simpson said since Soul Good joined Too Good To Go six months ago, 1,100 meals that would have been thrown out have been purchased and eaten.

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