Rapper Russ’ home burglarized: police report

ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell Police Department is investigating after an Atlanta rapper and singer’s home was burglarized early Friday morning.

According to a police report, officers responded to a call in reference to a burglary around 12:51 a.m. after Russ, whose real name is Russell James Vitale, called in reference to a burglary after seeing people at his home through his security cameras.

When officers arrived on the scene they found an open front door but there were no immediate signs of trespassers inside. After entering the home, it became clear the home had been ransacked.

According to a police report obtained by 11 Alive, “almost every drawer in the residence was open, jewelry boxes were open and empty and most couch cushions had been removed and thrown on the floor.” Two of the three vehicles inside the garage at the residence had also been entered.

After officers completed their walk through, it was determined that five 9mm handguns valued at $2,750, two Chanel purses valued at $24,005 and a silver 2020 Mercedes C Class AMG valued at $50,000 were taken from the home. 

Officers were able to conclude “there were at least two, and possibly 4 individuals in the home” from the limited security footage Vitale was able to provide. Two suspects were seen leaving the home through the front door carrying a black backpack and two others left through the basement door carrying suitcases. Police said the individuals were wearing gloves and jackets, leaving little to no identifying features visible.

The stolen Mercedes was last seen entering I-285 WB from Riverdale Rd at 12:30 a.m. that same night. 

Roswell Police Department is actively investigating this incident.


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