DeKalb teacher accused of making disparaging comments on students

TUCKER, Ga. — Shockwaves are rippling through Tucker High School after disturbing allegations surfaced regarding one of the school’s teachers. 

Students, parents, and faculty are left in dismay as they grapple with the accusations of disparaging comments made about students in social media videos. 11Alive spoke with a few affected students in the incident.

Destiny Siglo, a student at Tucker High School, learned about the troubling incident last week when a letter was sent home to parents by the school’s principal. She expressed her concerns, saying, “I found out last week, Thursday, when the note was sent home on Friday.” 

For Destiny and her classmates, the fallout from this incident has cast a shadow over their daily routines.

The letter sent by the school’s principal informed parents about a disturbing video that recently surfaced on social media, allegedly featuring one of the school’s teachers. While we have chosen not to show the video due to its disturbing language and unconfirmed authenticity, the impact on students like Destiny Siglo is undeniable. 

“I felt like I couldn’t really trust any teachers here because after what she did, it had my mind, like, just really thinking,” she stated.

Ky Drummond, another student at Tucker High School, echoed the sentiment, even though neither Destiny nor Ky had the accused teacher in their classes. Ky expressed hope that the school district would take appropriate action. 

“The teacher should be like, ‘I want to work with the students and help them be better and get ready for life,'” Drummond said.

11Alive discovered multiple videos from a person allegedly claiming to work at Tucker High School. However, when we reached out to the school district for confirmation, we were told there would be no further comment at this time.

The community remains on edge as they await updates on this developing situation, with many hoping for transparency and accountability in addressing the allegations against the teacher. As the story continues to unfold, 11Alive will keep you informed with the latest developments.


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