With Trade Rumors Swirling, Atlanta Puts on Its Worst Performance Imaginable Against The Pacers | Arena

It does not seem that long ago that the Atlanta Hawks were two wins away from making their first-ever appearance in the NBA Finals. The Hawks could argue they were a Trae Young injury away from beating the Milwaukee Bucks and possibly the Phoenix Suns in the Finals. It seemed that after that series, this was a team on the rise with a superstar point guard leading the way. 

The past two years have not gone to plan to put it nicely. 

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kAmkDEC@?8mpE=2?E2 @H6D :ED a_ad 7:CDE\C@F?5 D6=64E:@? E@ $2? p?E@?:@ 2D A2CE @7 E96 92F= E92E =2?565 |FCC2J[ D@ E96C6’D A=6?EJ @7 D6?D6 7@C E96 w2H<D[ 4FCC6?E=J `c\`h[ E@ H6:89 D6==:?8 D@>6 @7 :ED G6E6C2? 4@?EC:3FE@CD[ :?4@CA@C2E:?8 2 =@EE6CJ A:4< 2=@?8D:56 *@F?8 2?5 y@9?D@?[ E96? DE6AA:?8 324< E@H2C5 pE=2?E2’D 3:886C 8@2= @7 4@>A6E:?8 😕 E96 A=2J@77D F?56C 9625 4@249 “F:? $?J56C ?6IE D62D@?] pE=2?E2 92D 366? @?6 @7 E96 >@C6 24E:G6 E62>D @? E96 A9@?6D 24C@DD E96 =628F6[ D@FC46D D2:5] p?5 E92E D6==6C’D A2E9 364@>:?8 >@C6 =:<6=J 92D =628F6 A6CD@??6= ?@ =@?86C 4@?D:56C:?8 E96 w2H<D 2D 2 AC@>:?6?E A@E6?E:2= =2?5:?8 DA@E 7@C %@C@?E@’D @E96C EC256\5625=:?6 52C=:?8[ !2D42= $:2<2>[ ?@H E92E E96 #2AE@CD F=E:>2E6=J >@G65 @? 7C@> p?F?@3J]Qk^DEC@?8mk^Am

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